Skye & Jonathon

May 2022

I wanted to take the time to give our heartfelt thanks to all of the team at Country Flavours,

Elizabeth, you have the kindest heart and the patience of a saint, I know I haven’t been the easiest to work with my ridiculously rubbish admin skills and my indecisiveness, I’m sure you hear this time and time again but you guys really have no idea how much your help and guidance really has been appreciated, without you and your team there is no doubt in my mind that our day would have been half the day it was, I would nominate myself as the most stressed bride there has ever been and anyone who knows me knows how much the wedding and everything about it is the opposite from me and what I usually can manage, I have been close to cancelling the whole thing so many times, my people pleasing brain and social anxiety has been pushed to its absolute limits, but I can hand on heart say any time you picked up the phone to me you were the most reassuring lovely person to talk with, and you always made me feel more at ease with things and made me feel like you had everything in hand, and you really did just that and I can’t tell you how thankful I/ we truly are.

I’m sure you already know that your team are an absolute credit to you, each and every member that I have spoken with and dealt with have done so with such a professional and friendly manner,

Megan, deserves a huge amount of recognition for her kindness and helpfulness, she really has been incredible and I am so thankful for all of her help in the lead up to, and also on the day, she was the last person I seen before I walked down the isle and she really had a calmness about her that in term made me feel reassured,

All of the team on the day, again so professional and helpful, I just felt so relieved seeing them all in action and reassured they all kept the day running so smoothly knowing they have done it a hundred times before, all amazing and all appreciated,

But finally, the catering in itself… you guys have a standard set that I knew was second to none before the day but I could never have anticipated just how much you could have exceeded our expectations,

Everything was perfect and our guests were so impressed that I wish you could hear all of their wonderful feedback that has brought me so much joy when they have complimented the meal and all of the catering, the food and the presentation was unbelievable and your skills are definitely award worthy, but also a mention for the accommodating chefs who made individuals menu options for all of our guests with allergy’s and intolerances, they all massively appreciated this and all were thrilled with their meal options as they usually feel limited with what they can have but that instead felt so included with the rest of the guests,

Everyone under the name of Country Flavours should be so proud of themselves for the work they do and the joy they bring to others, I cannot truly express how thankful we really are for everything you have all done for us and the part you played in making our day special,

Photos by Hayley Fraser Photography
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